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Relentless Young Adult Ministry…

May 4th update from Pastor Oretta and some words of encouragement!  You can email Pastor Oretta at, or give her a call at 702-561-1070 for more information! 




Relentless Young Adult Ministry…

April 27th update from Pastor Oretta and some words of encouragement!  You can email Pastor Oretta at, or give her a call at 702-561-1070 for more information! 


Young adults, please join us!  For details about our next meeting or event, you can email Pastor Oretta ( or call the church office at 702-734-2223.

Our meetings are a time of worship and fellowship while experiencing the transforming power of God’s Word. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to join with others experiencing the same life challenges whose passion for the Word compels them to listen, share, apply and live relentless(ly) in and through God’s Word.

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The Goals of Relentless Ministry

Goal #1

Relentless Ministry envisions an environment where young adults may gather to be authentic as they develop healthy relationships, share their testimonies and study the Word of God together. Such an environment would enhance their ability to live out their goals and embrace the future with confidence and hope.

Goal #2

Relentless Ministry embraces the conviction that individual aspiration and growth matters, thus, Young Adults are encouraged to grow in faith through regular bible study, intimate prayer time, and pursue personal goals through education and study in order to show themselves approved, both to God and men.

Goal #3

Relentless Ministry believes in the vision of our local church and is determined to support church leaders by helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities to reach the lost as they relate the message of the gospel to the community.

Goal #4

Relentless Ministry believes in reaching, teaching, planting and training individuals for the mission field, beginning with their homes, schools, & places of employment as well as supporting missionaries as they go to reach the unreached around the world.

Goal #5

Relentless Ministry is determined to encourage Young Adults, who are committed to Christ, to live out their faith and beliefs in society through personal discipline and accountability.

Goal #6

Relentless Ministry believes that Love is expressed through action. Young Adults are encouraged to show the love of Christ through service to their community by serving those who are unable to help themselves; caring for the hurting; providing for the homeless; and offering after-school tutoring for kids who need one-on-one discipleship.

Oretta Andrews, our Young Adult Ministry Pastor

Pastor of Young Adult Ministry

Oretta Andrews is Pastor of our Young Adult Ministry, called Relentless Ministry and Campus Evangelism. Rev. Andrews has been attending Trinity Life Center since 2003 and in 2008 she became a member. During that time she completed The Pathway Discipleship Training Course.

Sis. Andrews was born in May Pen Clarendon in Jamaica where she earned her Associate’s degree in Business Communication and Secretarial studies at Fritz-Henley’s Secretarial College. She migrated to Barbados where she became married and had her beautiful daughter, Su-Hannah Ashira, Ayah Andrews. She enrolled in Samuel Jackman Polytechnic Vocation college where she obtained her degree in Massage Therapy, and skin esthetics. She worked as Spa Manager with Soothing Touch Day Spa in Christ Church, Barbados. While working at Soothing Touch Day Spa, Rev. Andrews answered the call to ministry and enrolled in Barbados Bible College where she studied for three years and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology before she migrated to the United States with her daughter Su-Hannah. Rev. Andrews Became a Licensed Minister with the Assemblies of God after she completed her credential qualifications with Global University in Springfield, Missouri. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology with Global University and her Associate’s degree in Psychology with Community College of Southern Nevada. She is now on staff at Trinity Life Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a firm believer in fulfilling the Mission of the Kingdom and honoring the Mission of her Senior Pastor.

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To be a community of believers, prayerfully committed to making disciples of all nations who will discover and utilize their God-given gifts in ministry to others.




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