Sunday, May 26th, 2024
Pastor Randy Greer
“Contract or Covenant?”
Genesis 6:5-8; 9:8-17

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How many times have you signed a contract in your lifetime? The first contract I ever signed was to play professional baseball. Pam and I both had to sign our names about 27 different times when we bought our home. Why? Because contracts are based on distrust. The Phillies didn’t trust that I would fulfill my obligations with them. They made sure that I wouldn’t go and play for another team.

I can’t remember all the reasons we signed our names to buy our house, but the message was crystal clear. We don’t trust you to completely pay for your house in full and if for any reason you stop making payments, we have the right to come and evict you. Same for cars, if you stop making your payments, we will come and repossess our property. It’s all written in the contract.

But signing a covenant is completely different. A covenant is based on trust! If you are married, you signed your name to a wedding license which is a covenant that you made to your mate before God, your family and your friends. It was like saying, “Babe, I trust you to be exclusively mine. I trust that as I give you my heart, you won’t break it.”

God made a covenant with Noah that is still very real and alive and visible to all of us. God promised Noah that He would never again send a Worldwide Deluge of rain and water to cover the earth. His sign we can still see in the sky from time to time. It’s called a rainbow.

Thankfully, God always keeps His promises. He made a New and Final Covenant with all of us when Jesus died on the Cross to redeem us from our sins. God promises to forgive us if we ask, and to give us His incredible and indescribable gift of everlasting life. If we believe, that gift is ours! We all have the privilege to make a trusting covenant with the One True and Living God of the Universe. Have you done this?

We love you,

Randy & Pam

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