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Sunday October 20th

Pastor Randy Greer

“Squeezing Every Drop Out of Life”  2 Peter 3:1-13

If you just look at our time on earth from the limited perspective of the day after day year after year grind, then each moment we have could be viewed as something common, even dull or monotonous.

But remember, our Heavenly Father placed eternity in our hearts. So if we measure each moment by the short time we inhabit this planet, then yes, each one of those moments might not be considered valuable or rare. But if each moment we have is measured in light of eternity, then that would make each moment we have very rare indeed!

Our time on earth is not just the amount of years that pile up, but a once-in-an-eternity moment. We are only here for just a brief window of time, and if that’s the case, then we need to make the most of every opportunity. We need to live our lives to the fullest, and treat each day as a gift of infinite value.

The old saying is so true: “Only one life, it will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

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Events / Upcoming Events

Video Announcements Sunday – Oct 20th

Upcoming Events at Trinity Life Center

  • Trunk or Treat – Oct 30
  • Translation Ministry
  • SAM Luncheon – Nov 8
  • Marriage Builders – Nov 10
  • Night of a Million Dreams – Nov 15
  • Ladies Holiday Luncheon – Nov 23

THE 2:42 CLUB…

meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm. 

  • NORTHWEST Dr. Rae/Jane Kelly, 702-592-3617; 6215 N Grand Canyon Dr. LV 89149.
  • NORTHEAST Tony/Isabel Espinoza, 702-497-8066; 1670 Easement Lane, LV 89156.
  • SOUTHWEST Lyle/Floretta Yenglin, 702-326-4799; 7582 Coyote Cave Ave, LV 89178.
  • SOUTHEAST Ken/Lynora Bayless, 702-459-3589; 2641 Pershing Cir, Henderson 89074.
  • CENTRAL Dave & Mary Roe, 702-734-2223; at church in the Fellowship Hall

The Word is brought by Pastor via live video streaming and the group shares a meal and prays together. ‘See your hosts in the lobby after service for more info.


THIS WEEK AT MT. MOVERS…our weekly Thursday Mt. Movers prayer ministry will begin at 9am with Pastor Kleg Seth giving the first hour devotional. These weekly prayer sessions are a powerful opportunity to join together with one voice in breaking down the strongholds of the enemy. Come join Pastor Barbara.


RELENTLESS YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY…announces that their bi-weekly bible study titled, “Girls with Swords” will meet in the Conference Room @ 6:30-8pm on October 25. All young adult women are invited to join. Please call Pastor Oretta (702-561-1070) or Grace (702-281-1472) for info.


40 DAYS FOR LIFE…will continue thru Nov 3. Thursdays are our days to gather for prayer and we invite you to join us. More info in the lobby or at https://www.40daysforlife.com/las-vegas. Come, let’s take a stand together!


…is being planned for our kids so they don’t have to feel like they need to go out Halloween night. This will be Wednesday night the 30th at 6 to 8pm. in our back parking lot. All ages are invited. We could use your help with cars for trunk or treat, candy, and any one who would love to come help us. Sign up in the lobby if you are willing to bring your car, decorate it,
and be a part of a great Children’s ministry event. 



LIGHTHOUSE MINISTRIES…will “pitch” their tent out in front of the church, Thursday, Oct 31st from 5-8 pm. It’ll be filled with books, Bibles, and candy packets filled with invitations and tracts. They will hand these out to all “trick or treaters” with the hope that what they see and read will point them to Christ. We welcome volunteers to help us hand out these items and we also encourage those who may be available to offer prayer and discussion with older folks as they walk by. Let Christina know if you may like to join them!



…will hold their holiday luncheon on Saturday, Nov 23, 2019 from 11 am-1 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Their very special guest speaker will be Cindy Moore, wife of late Donnie Moore. Tickets are $25 and the purchase deadline is Sun., Nov 17 in the lobby. Child care will be provided for those who sign up in advance. Don’t miss it!!!

Come join us this week for Worship!

Trinity Life Center
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7:00 PM – Connection Wednesdays

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“Trinity Life Center is a church that believes

in the teachings of the Bible.”

We offer regular activities for families and anyone who wants to grow in the knowledge of God.

We believe the healthiest Christ-Followers are involved in 4 weekly activities:

  • A time of celebration with the Body of Christ;
  • Small group setting to learn, interact and grow;
  • A place to serve and
  • A Corporate prayer meeting.

This is your e-vite to our prayer gathering every Sunday morning at 9 am!

Passionate Worship


Trinity Life Center
1000 E. St. Louis Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Office Hours:
Tue - Fri  9 am - 5 pm

Phone: 702.734.2223

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9:00 AM
Insights Prayer Service
Connect Point Sunday School Classes

10:00 AM
Sunday Worship Service


7:00 PM
Connection Wednesdays


To be a community of believers, prayerfully committed to making disciples of all nations who will discover and utilize their God-given gifts in ministry to others.