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Children's Ministry Lesson

Sunday, May 26th, 2024


Pastor Mike Husli

Children’s Ministry – Kid Zone with Pastor Mike

Children’s Ministry – Announcements


Building Kingdom Kids & Something to Think About

with Pastor Mike 

TLC VBS 2022 Spark Studios Presents

Something to Think About with Pastor Mike
“Carlos encourages Pastor Daniel.”

Something to Think About with Pastor Mike
“Pastor Mike and Johnny make a joyful noise!”

Something to Think About with Pastor Mike
“Ready, aim, fire! Dad and the apple.”

Something to Think About with Pastor Mike
“Pastor Mike and Johnny fly to Coney Island.”

Something to Think About with Pastor Mike
“Pastor Mike memorizing Philippians 1:6.”

Something to Think About with Pastor Mike
“Don’t put important things off, do all things as unto the Lord.”

Building Kingdom Kids with Pastor Mike
Reaping the Benefits

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In Trinity’s children’s ministry we do more than just tell Bible stories, we are preparing your kids for the future. Here are some opportunities your child has:


For more info contact:
Pastor Mike Husli

Kid Zone

Kid Zone
We memorize scripture, sing songs, and play games. But, most of all we illustrate Biblical values through drama, puppets, objects lessons, and just have fun.


Mid Week Programs - Every Wednesday Night at 7pm

Mid-Week Programs
Rainbows Boys and Girls (Ages 3-4) Rainbows is our preschool club for boys and girls. Weekly requirements provide opportunities to achieve and receive awards. Character building Bible stories are presented weekly.


Girls Ministries (K-12)

Girls Ministries (K-12th)

Our girls learn Bible verses, study Church doctrines, learn about missionaries and study family relations.

DAISIES ~ Kindergarten
PRIMS ~ 1st & 2nd Grades
STARS ~ 3rd & 5th Grades
FRIENDS ~ 6th & 8th Grades
GIRLS ONLY ~ 9th & 12th Grades

Boys Ministries - Royal Rangers (K-12)


The Ultimate Adventure for Boys is called Royal Rangers. Royal Rangers is a ministry that reaches across the United States and in over 65 nations around the world. It motivates boys spiritually through Bible study and memorization, devotionals, and Christian role models. Boys are strengthened mentally by an advanced awards-based weekly program. Further, the boys increase their physical prowess by participation in age-specific activities and recreation. Finally, they are introduced to the church, community, and nature-related activities to develop their social skills and awareness.

We meet on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM at Trinity Life Center Church right next to Baker Park. Become part of the Ultimate Christian Adventure and be a part of Royal Rangers today! Boys learn about God’s great creation, study Bible verses and practice skills for camping and the great outdoors.

  • Ranger Kids representing kindergarten, first and second-grade boys.
  • Discovery Rangers representing third, fourth, and fifth-grade boys.
  • Adventure Rangers representing sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade boys.
  • Expedition Rangers representing ninth through twelfth-grade boys.

Looking for a place to minister for one and half hours a month?

That seems little, but it will mean a lot to children to see another adult in the classroom with them. We have openings in every area of Children’s Ministries from Nursery to Missionettes and Royal Rangers to STITCHES Outreach. Give the gift of yourself to assist just one and a half hour per month on Sunday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Think about it.

For more information call Pastor Mike in the Church office.

Contact Information:
Pastor Mike Husli
702. 734.2223

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To be a community of believers, prayerfully committed to making disciples of all nations who will discover and utilize their God-given gifts in ministry to others.





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