Safe Families Ministry

Finding safe families for children

Helping families in times of crisis

When parents are going through a crisis, you can temporarily welcome their children into your home, allowing the parents to take essential steps toward stability. While the child’s stay with you is short, your impact lasts forever.

Finding safe families for children

When a family is in crisis, kids can become vulnerable to neglect and abuse. No family should experience this. Through the Safe Families ministry, volunteer Host Families offer loving care to parents, watching over their children while the parents regain stability.

How to become a host family

If you’re interested in temporarily hosting a child in need through Safe Families, this is the process you can expect.



The first step is to fill out a preliminary application. You can download the preliminary application on this website.



Volunteer Host Families undergo a screening process—including background checks and references—and a home visit.


When a family is facing a crisis and needs short-term care for their child, you will be contacted to host the child in your home.


Currently, 95% of all families served by Safe Families for Children are reunited, in a stable home environment.

Safe Families Volunteers are….

Who Are We? 

Safe Families volunteers are…

  • Host Families: Screened and approved by Safe Families, Host Families take in children for short periods of time.
  • Family Friends: They provide support to Families in Need (e.g., mentoring and transportation) and Host Families (e.g., babysitting and providing meals).
  • Resource Friends: They provide various types of goods and services to Families in Need to help parents get back on their feet.
  • Family Coaches: They are trained to provide resources and casework-like services to Families in Crisis. They also ensure that kids are well cared for in Host Family homes.
  • Safe Families Churches: These are spiritual communities that support Safe Families as a ministry of their church. There are three church levels: Participating Church, Lead Church, and Community Lead Church

Trinity Life Center Safe Families Coordinator

Olga Gonzalez, Associate Pastor 

Pastor Olga oversees the Olive Crest “Safe Families for Children” ministry and is the Charter Director of Pathway in Las Vegas. Pastor Olga also directs our newly formed Spanish Translation ministry which provides earphone simultaneous translations of Pastor Randy’s sermons while sitting in the congregation. She is a graduate of Northwest University with a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry Leadership and she brings years of experience in Church and Business Administration. While her role as associate pastor will expand over time she continues as an Association Governance Specialist with Wyndham Vacation Clubs.

For more information about Safe Families for Children, contact Olga at:

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