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Sunday December 8th 

Pastor Randy Greer 

“The One Who Guards Our Night!”   Luke 2:1-12

Have you ever tried to drive in fog? The 99 Freeway in California sometimes fogs up so heavily that you can’t see right in front of you even in broad daylight. 50 and 60 car pileups have happened in those extreme cases. I was caught in that fog one morning driving home from working the graveyard shift the year Pam and I lived in Visalia. I had to cross a busy street, so I sat at the stop sign for at least 5 full minutes because I just couldn’t see whether or not there was oncoming traffic. It really was a harrowing experience.

Everyone will go through a night season at some point in their lives. You might be experiencing one even as we speak.  Those are times when you can’t see clearly, or all hell has broken loose and nothing seems to make sense.

The shepherds who were out guarding their sheep on the night Jesus was born were hard at work that evening. Even though the translators wanted very much to punch it up a notch by eloquently telling us they were “living” or “abiding” in those fields, the original language shares with us that they were extremely busy that night guarding their sheep from lions and tigers and bears (O My!). Ok, the Bible doesn’t say tigers, but for sure the shepherds, like their forefather King David, fought off those pesky, predatory lions and bears.

Our Great Shepherd does the same for us! He fights for us, guarding us most especially during the night seasons of our lives. Let’s look into this…

December 8th Bulletin (pdf)

December 8th Powerpoint (pdf)


Events / Upcoming Events

Video Announcements Sunday – Dec 8th

 Join us for these exciting holiday events! 

  • Senior Fellowship Luncheon with Bob Tauber in concert – Dec 13th
  • We Call It Christmas Concert – Dec 15th
  • The Living Nativity at Las Vegas Motor Speedway – Dec 20th
  • Door Hanger Invites in this weeks Bulletin
  • Restored Spirits Post Abortive Stress Syndrome Bible Study –  Jan 16th


is planning its year-end luncheon this Friday, Dec 13 at 10:30am in the Fellowship Hall. Our own Bob Tauber will give a concert featuring the many instruments he has mastered and will share his testimony! If you’re over 50 you’re automatically part of our Senior Fellowship. Come, and join us!


This time of year, we turn Pastor Vic’s office into Santa’s workshop. Every child should have a toy for Christmas, and we ask that you help by bringing unwrapped toys for all ages as well as gift cards. We will have donation boxes available next Sunday, December 15th. However, you do not have to wait! You may also bring them to our church offices during business hours. If you would like us to shop for you, please write “toy ministry” on your offering envelope. If your family could use assistance this Christmas, please see Pastor Vic.


The end of the year is here, and Pastor Vic’s rule is if you haven’t used it in two years, donate it! We will gratefully turn your donations (cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles) into ministry dollars. Please call the church office or see Pastor Vic.


as we spread the Good News. In your bulletin this morning you’ll find two door hanger invitations. We invite you to personally hand them out to the folks in your life. Whomever you approach, ask that the Holy Spirit quicken their hearts to respond and choose to attend one or more worship events this season. Thanks for spreading the Good News.


the name of Pastor Dave’s Christmas Music Concert will be presented, Sunday, Dec 15, and will feature our Children’s Ministry among others. Now is the time to invite friends and family to this always heart-warming annual musical offering.


This sensational annual event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway will feature OUR Youth Ministry with Pastor Daniel on Fri., Dec 20 @ 5-10pm.  It’s not too early to make plans to take the entire family and view our kids re-enacting the greatest event in human history. [LVMS, 1-15, Exit 54. Turn right, 1/2mi turn right]

2019 Christmas Holiday Schedule

  • Dec 15 “We Call It Christmas” Music Concert @ 10am
  • Dec 20 Living Nativity—Youth Ministry @ 5:15pm
  • Dec 24 Church Office Closed
  • Dec 24 Christmas Eve Service @ 5pm
  • Dec 25 Church Office Closed
  • Dec 25 Christmas Day 
  • Dec 31 Church Office Closed
  • Dec 31 New Year’s Eve
  • Jan 1 Church Office Closed
  • Jan 1 New Year’s Day

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